Best Ancient Living Luxury Bath Powder India 2020

  • Cleanses skin
  • Nourishes your skin
  • Enhances skin complexion
  • It detoxifies your skin
  • Imparts glow to your skin

Ancient Living Luxury Bath Powder enriched with Organic ingredients – 100 grams

Best Ancient Living Luxury Bath Powder India 2020Best Ancient Living Luxury Bath Powder India 2020


Product description

Bath powders have been used long before soaps were invented. Ayurvedic texts mention about bath cleansers made of green gram powder, rice powder with various fragrant herbs added to them. To indulge in ayurvedic abhyanga snanam, one can apply suitable body oil like sesame or cold pressed almond and wash off with a traditionally made ayurvedic bath powder, also known as ubtan or bath powder. Ancient living luxury bath powder (ubtan) is made of healing navara rice, mudga, musta, vidanga, ushira, amalaki, haritaki, kasturi harida, bakuchi, shati, chickpea, naranga,& vibhitaki. This medley of 13 herbs makes it a very uplifting bathing experience. Navara rice used in classical ayurvedic treatments is cultivated only in kerala great for exfoliation. Ashtangahridayam a 12th-century ayurvedic book applauds the qualities of navara rice. Naranga gives clear skin while amalaki rich with vit c imparts the glow. Vetiver cools the skin while removing any pigmented spots.

Kasturi enhances complexion while real sandal pampers the skin with its exotic fragrance. Manjista is a natural detoxifier. Vidanga is a strong anti-microbial, helps ward off skin infections. Mudga softens the skin.


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